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The #SHCLiveWellChallenge is Singapore Hospice Council’s inaugural virtual challenge, which encompasses cycling, running and walking to fundraise for our cause. We look forward to your participation and support.

About SHC

Established in 1995, Singapore Hospice Council is a registered charity and an Institution of a Public Character. We are an umbrella body representing organisations that actively provide hospice and palliative care in Singapore.

SHC is committed to improving the lives of patients with serious life-limiting illnesses and to giving support to the loved ones of these patients.

Unleashing the Power of the People

#SHCLiveWellChallenge GOALS


Demonstrate SHC's dedication to enhancing the lives of patients facing life-limiting illnesses and providing compassionate support to their loved ones.


Foster unity among diverse communities, enabling them to showcase support for the cause and forge meaningful connections through a shared objective.


Ignite the spirit of embracing life's potential & encourage a vibrant journey of personal growth and wellness through the #SHCLiveWellChallenge

Support our mission: Raise $100,000 for Quality Palliative Care

We are here!
SHC Live Well Challenge Virtual Campaign (22 Jul – 8 Oct)
SHC Live Well Challenge Finale (21 Oct)

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#SHCLiveWellChallenge Event Overview

Registration Period

22 Jul - 29 Sep

Challenge Period

26 Aug - 08 Oct

Fundraising Period

22 Jul - 08 Oct


This is a Cycling & Running (walking) event which can be performed outdoors from anywhere in the world. All you need is a STRAVA account.

Types of Activities

Cycling, Running & Walking INDOORS or OUTDOORS activities thru the STRAVA app

Participation Fee

  • Event Tee $29.90

  • Event Jersey $49.90

  • Event Singlet $29.90

  • Event Cargo Shorts $59.90

  • Event Cargo Bib Shorts $129.90

*Free delivery anywhere in Singapore!

Challenge Mechanism

Participants may sign up as individuals or teams, there will be no sign-up fee.

However, a minimum of $100 of funds raised is required to qualify for the event leaderboard.

Donations $50 & above would be eligible for 250% tax deduction.


#SHCLiveWellChallenge is actively looking out for organisations and corporations to come on-board to partner #SHCLiveWellChallenge as a contributing sponsor. Come join us now to make a difference.

The Sponsors’ Entitlement Framework is as follows:

Celebrate Your Milestones and Leave Your Mark

Unlock These Achievements

Top-tier Performer

Clock in at least 500km running or walking/ 1250 km cycling in the challenge to unlock this achievement.

Philanthropic Icon

Raise $10,000 to help our cause to unlock this achievement.

Fellowship Core

Be part of a team in this challenge to unlock this achievement.

Step-by-Step Guide

How The Challenge Works

1. Register for event

Connect your account to your STRAVA before challenge starts.

2. Share your Profile

Share your profile to your friends & family and tell them why you want to raise funds. Raise at least $100 to be qualified for the leaderboard.

3. Start challenge

Once you have raised a minimum of $100, you'll be qualified for the leaderboard. Be active and partake in the event using the STRAVA App!

4. Track progress

Track rankings, activities, and achievements on the Challenge Leaderboard.

5. Earn achievements and rewards

We’ll notify you when you unlock achievements during the event.

Everything you need to know about Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live outside of Singapore, can I still sign up and join?

A: Yes. The beauty of this event is that you can log in your activities anytime and anywhere.

Q: What if I do not hit the minimum requirement of $100 funds raised?

A: You will not be able to qualify for the leaderboard. All funds raised will be directed to SHC to support our beneficiaries . No refund of donations would be made.

Q: Where can I check my progress against other participants?

A: You can check the challenge leaderboard after it goes live on the first day of the challenge period.

Q: My activities do not show up on the challenge leaderboard or I do not see my username on the challenge leaderboard after authorising Togoparts to connect to my STRAVA account.

A: The challenge leaderboard will be refreshed periodically throughout each day. Allow for up to 4 hours for your activities to be updated on the Togoparts Leaderboard after you have completed your activities. If any irregularities occur, please email us at SHCLiveWellChallenge@togoparts.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond.

Q: Can I log multiple activities to add up to the challenge distance?

A: Yes, but remember to log your activities with the STRAVA app, or upload them to STRAVA if you are using another app to record your activities. Make sure the devices are STRAVA-compatible!

Q: Can I measure my distance using other apps or devices?

A: We require all participants to log their activities using STRAVA. You can use other tracking apps like Garmin and upload your activities to STRAVA. The system will not recognise uploaded activities from other apps.

Q: Can I log my rides on a trainer / stationary bike?

A: Yes, all indoor activities will be recognised for Leaderboard.

Q: Can I tag my friends on my rides?

A: No. Tagging of activities are not allowed. Each participant must record their activities via their own STRAVA account.

Q: We have registered as a team. What will happen if some of our members are unable to achieve the required donation amount?

A: The member who does not achieve the required donation amount will not qualify.

Q: How do I support a participant/ team?

A: You may click on the "Donate" icon under your chosen participant/team.

Q: How do I check the donation amount I have raised?

A: Your total amount raised will be reflected on the "My Progress" Page or Leaderboard.

Q: I ordered jersey or tee, when it will be delivered?

A: All merchandise will be shipped out 4-6 weeks after the challenge ends.

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